Bite-Sized Education

Traditional training methods can be time-consuming and overwhelming, often leading to information overload and reduced retention. KyIP Training Center’s Capsule Education Program is the answer to these challenges, offering bite-sized, easily digestible modules that enable learners to absorb essential infection prevention concepts effectively empowering healthcare professionals to create safer and healthier environments for all.

What is Bite-Sized Education?

The Bite-Sized Education learning model makes infection prevention and control concepts easier to understand by breaking those concepts into small, “bite-sized” chunks of information. These chunks can be easily consumed by learners and are delivered through a variety of mediums such as videos, presentations, or interactive simulations. This approach is particularly effective for busy learners who may have limited time to devote to learning or who may be overwhelmed by large amounts of information.

This training series is unique in that it is designed for those training in staff in infection prevention and control, such as an infection preventionist, or allied healthcare professionals, such as environmental services or patient care associate, who need infection prevention training that may not receive it routinely. 

This series is a part of Project Firstline and provides novel resources and training to those training staff on infection prevention and control techniques using a train-the-trainer model.  

How is training delivered? 

Training is delivered virtually, typically scheduled during routine staff meetings or morning huddles, taking no more than 10-15 minutes to teach a concept. 

Want to know more?

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Additional Benefits of Bite-Sized Education

One Concept at a Time

Information is prioritized and focused with one concept or idea conveyed during each session, which avoids information overload and improves retention.

Geared Toward Busy Professionals

Each training session is between 10-15 minutes with most training occurring during shift starters or routine staff huddles, so there is no need to schedule additional meetings.

Builds a Culture of Continuous Learning

By adding capsule education to your learning model your staff will become accustom to continuously learning on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Increase Employee Retention

It’s been proven, employees who routinely receive training are happier and more confident in their job.