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What is the KyIP Training Center?

The Kentucky Infection Prevention Training Center (KyIP Training Center) provides education and training to all health care professionals including nurses, infection preventionists, physicians, pharmacists, and allied health professionals, along with anyone interested in the areas of infection prevention and control across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  KyIP Training Center represents a unique and broad array of experts in the fields of infection prevention and control, infectious diseases, healthcare epidemiology, public health, microbiology, long-term acute care, and pharmacy. 

The Mission

The mission of KyIP Training Center is to provide access to in-person and on-demand education, training, and support to frontline healthcare workers, healthcare professionals working in long-term and short-term acute care, and the broader community in the prevention and control of infections.

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The Vision

The vision of KyIP Training Center is to be a leading center of excellence for infection prevention education, research, and advocacy and to be at the forefront of innovation and best practices in infection prevention. The Training Center seeks to continuously improve training programs and resources to meet the evolving needs of our community. KyIP Training Center envisions a future where all healthcare professionals have access to high-quality, evidence-based training in infection prevention and control, and where frontline healthcare professionals are empowered to protect themselves and teach others about the spread of infectious diseases.

Educate. Collaborate. Prevent Infections.

Whether you are an experienced practitioner seeking advanced knowledge or a newcomer aiming to build a strong foundation in infection prevention and control, KyIP Training Center’s inclusive approach ensures valuable learning opportunities for all participants in their pursuit of enhancing healthcare safety in Kentucky. Best of all, all services are provided at no cost! 

Live and On-Demand Training

KyIP Training provides live and on-demand training in infection prevention, offering flexibility and accessibility for healthcare professionals seeking to stay informed and proactive in safeguarding public health.

Free Continuing Education

Free continuing education is offered to professionals in all healthcare fields, fostering ongoing skill development and knowledge enhancement to uphold high standards of patient care and safety.

Experts in the Field

With their expertise in surveillance, containment, and educating healthcare professionals and our allied colleagues on best practices and the latest in infection prevention and control, KyIP Training Center can take your program to the next level.

KyIP Training Center Partnerships

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Get Back to Basics

KyIP Training Center has partnered with Project Firstline to prepare and train frontline healthcare and public health workers on the basics of infection prevention and control to protect themselves, their patients, and their communities from infectious diseases. This involves providing training, guidance, and educational materials on topics like proper personal protective equipment (PPE) usage, hand hygiene, infection control protocols, and the science behind how infectious diseases spread.

The goal of Project Firstline is to empower healthcare workers to protect themselves, their colleagues, and their patients effectively, thereby reducing the risk of transmission and maintaining a safer healthcare environment during the ongoing pandemic and future infectious disease outbreaks.

Ready to get started with Project Firstline? Click here to learn more. 

Fight Antimicrobial Resistance

Meet the KyIP Training Center’s sister program focused on antimicrobial stewardship and antimicrobial resistance. 

The Kentucky Antimicrobial Stewardship Innovation Consortium (KASIC) was established in summer 2022 as a free program to address the use of antimicrobials across the Commonwealth in order to optimize clinical outcomes while minimizing adverse consequences of antimicrobial use

Want to learn more about KASIC? Click here to start your journey in fighting antimicrobial resistance.