2023 Infection Prevention Boot Camp

This three-day intensive training program is designed to equip those working in healthcare with the latest strategies and best practices in infection prevention. Join KyIP Training Center for a transformative, hands-on experience, where experts in the field will impart their knowledge and skills, empowering you to safeguard yourself, your patients, and your community effectively.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to elevate your skills and be at the forefront of maintaining a safer, healthier world.

2023 Infection Prevention Boot Camp was a great success.   Stay tuned for future training opportunities.  

IP Boot Camp 2023 Three Day Experience

 Join KyIP Training Center for our last day of IP Boot Camp.  There is no fee to attend. Read the full agenda here. 

Oct. 16th, 2023

Day one focuses on a return to basics in infection prevention and control. Through real-world, hands-on simulations participants will gain the knowledge and skill to protect themselves, their patients, and their community. Join us in-person for this event.

Oct. 17th, 2023

Day two focuses on more advanced infection prevention and control topics and will use table-top exercises to explore infection prevention and control techniques and strategies. Join us in-person for this event.

Nov. 2nd, 2023

Day three focuses on impacting change within the infection prevention and control space, fostering a culture of open communication, continuous education, and collaboration, empowering leaders to drive positive change in practice and influence outcomes. Join us virtually for this event.

Dr. Nimalie Stone, MD, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Focus in Long-Term Care
Julia Frith, Lead KyIP Training Center, Manager, Norton Infectious Diseases Institute
Michael Bell, Deputy Director, Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Janet Glowicz, Senior Infection Preventionist Centers for Disease Control

About 2023 IP Boot Camp Speakers

The 2023 Infection Prevention Boot Camp features a diverse group of leading experts in epidemiology, microbiology, infection prevention and control, and public health. Renowned speakers with hands-on experience in infection prevention and control share cutting-edge research, best practices, and innovative strategies to address emerging pathogens and promote infection control in various healthcare settings.

Meet the speakers by clicking the button below. 

Why Choose KyIP Training Center Boot Camp?

It's Free!

There is never a charge for IP Boot Camp

Experts from the CDC

Gain knowledge from expert presenters

Practice New Skills

Use hands-on simulations to practice


Meet others working in your field and network with experts

What did participants say last year?

"The infection prevention boot camp was an eye-opener! The expert speakers covered crucial topics, and the hands-on simulations were invaluable. I now feel more confident in implementing effective infection control strategies at my facility. Highly recommend it!"
Sarah - Infection Preventionist
"Attending the boot camp was great! The sessions were engaging and up-to-date, giving me a comprehensive understanding of infection prevention. The networking opportunities were fantastic too! Thank you for this enriching experience!"
Mike - Public Health Worker
"As a recent graduate, I found the boot camp incredibly insightful. The instructors' expertise and practical simulations equipped me with vital skills to combat infections in my community. This program has truly made a positive impact on my professional journey."
Emily - Student Nurse